Liicht Professional Lighting is a young company with LED technology focused on the production of professional luminaires. It is made up of four different companies each focusing on a specific lighting industry. One is specialized in the production of industrial luminaires dedicated to factories, warehouses and large covered areas. A second company deals with street lighting. The third deals with luminaires dedicated to the large outdoor areas such as sports centers, stadiums, ports and airports, and finally the fourth ultimately focuses on the production of specific lamps for commercial and supermarket areas.

The group currently is made up of about 600 people and is present in 24 countries around the world.

Liicht Professional Lighting has as a constructive philosophy to provide a simple and extremely qualitative tailor-made lighting solution with extreme attention to energy efficiency, ensuring the perfect light and the best project consultation. To meet these standards, Liicht uses the latest generation technologies, including Light Management.

Liicht Professional Lighting for clarity issues, provides data on its products in the following ways:

  • Source flow indicates the light output generated by the LEDs as indicated by the LED manufacturer used in the device.
  • Device flow is the actual lumen output from the unit. The actual flow is therefore lower than the nominal flow as it is affected by the thermal regime of the device and by the use of loudspeakers, screens or lenses for light management.
  • The power absorption shown in the table includes the absorption of the LED light source, the power absorption by the driver and any other electronic components present in the device.


Prisca Cappelletti, Chief Executive Officer


Attention to quality and durability allows Liicht Professional Lighting to guarantee its products for 5 years, provided they are installed in accordance with the instructions given on the catalog and on the website.

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